Folk Sunday: Mornin’ Glory

I totally blew off Folk Thursday a couple of weeks ago because I was swamped. I’m making it up to you tonight because I simply cannot wait until Thursday to post this bit of awesomeness:

I have a particular soft spot for Bobbie Gentry, as she helped me out at a party a few years ago. I’d just moved to town and didn’t know very many people, so I felt kind of awkward and out of place. This was before I’d given up all my vices, and after roughing up my vocal cords with a couple of margaritas and about half a pack of Capri menthols, I decided to break the ice by getting up and kicking the crap out of “Ode to Billie Joe.” Nobody in the room was familiar with the song … but by the time I finished, everybody was asking about it.

I feel as if I sort of owe Ms. Gentry a favor for that….