Sweetheart Run

I went up to Mohawk Park this morning for the Sweetheart Run. My training group did both the 5K and the 10K, so my total mileage for the day is 9.3. Ron and I went to Savastano’s afterward for a Chicago-style pizza, in honor of the fact that the Cubs returned to Mesa yesterday. Spring training has started, which means that I am no longer acknowledging the existence of winter.

I’d had some good intentions about cleaning the house this afternoon, but then I looked at the calendar on my phone and realized I was supposed to be at the Reading Room from 1:30 to 5, so the house got another big dose of neglect. I was tired and went to bed when I got home, so now I’m playing catch-up.

On my plate this evening: pick up the pile of dirty clothes from the bathroom floor, clean the bathroom, clean the refrigerator, clear the coffee table, clean the living room, declutter the bedroom, clear the kitchen cabinets, clear the kitchen table, sweep the kitchen floor, review for a math quiz, and make a QuikTrip run. We’ll see how much I accomplish. Maybe if I get everything done, I can devote some time to a real blog post….


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