Junkyard dog

I had a math test this afternoon. I wasn’t sure about it going in, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and my answers all seemed to check out, so hopefully I did OK. 

I got done with the test early enough to have a few hours of daylight left, so Scout and I took a short road trip to Oktaha, where a Bunyan-type Muffler Man was rumored to be standing sentinel over a junkyard.

It took two sets of directions (one from Roadside America and one from Google maps), a state highway map, and three attempts (two today and one last summer) to find him, but my efforts were rewarded:


It was cloudy and almost dark when we got there, but I kind of like the ominous sky. It matches the mood of the place: lonely road, totaled cars everywhere, and the Muffler Man himself could use a paint job. I like that car door in the foreground, too.

Scout’s favorite part of the trip was when we drove through McDonald’s to get her a cheeseburger on the way back. She hated drive-through lanes when she was little. That disembodied voice freaked her out to no end, and she would launch into an uncontrollable barking frenzy every time she heard it. She didn’t understand what it was all about until the Krispy Kreme opened in Fairview Heights. The first time a warm doughnut came in through the car window, Scout got over her phobia.

Hope your weekend was good.