Bits and pieces

1. I went to Fleet Feet to run this evening. I got stuck in traffic and arrived two minutes late, so my pace group had already left. My coach actually runs two training groups — M5 (the slowest marathon group) and P1 (the fastest 10K group) — and was getting ready to leave with P1 when I got there. Rather than run off in the dark to find my pace group, I tagged along with P1 for a 2.5-mile run at a pace two minutes faster than my norm. It was a good run. Short, but good. I think a short, fast run every now and then is good for me.

2. Sometimes it’s hard for a thirtysomething female English teacher to find common ground with teenage boys, but my ever-expanding collection of bizarre interests is beginning to pay dividends: Last week, a boy who seldom says anything in class opened up a little bit after he discovered we have similar tastes in pickup trucks, and today, I bonded with a Mexican kid as he and I attempted to explain the appeal of menudo to one of his classmates. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my kids?

3. I caught up my grading today. I thought about going to the coffeehouse to celebrate, but by the time I finished my run, I wasn’t in the mood, so I just went to Target to pick up groceries and a scrapbook instead. I think I’ll take a shower in a minute and then curl up with my graphing calculator and a TV dinner. (Never let it be said that this girl doesn’t know how to have a good time….)

Hope your day was as good as mine.