Mostly caught up

My goal for this weekend was to catch up my work and still get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. Despite a long list of commitments, a big pile of work, and a little bit of procrastination, I think I’m going to pull it off. So far this weekend, I’ve gone to math class (twice), run a 10K, planned two weeks’ worth of lessons, created seven scrapbook pages, gone out to dinner with friends, caught up with a long-ago friend on Facebook, and gotten a great update from a former colleague who finally got a job a couple of weeks ago. 

Not bad for one weekend. 🙂



This is what my office looks like after a couple of hours’ worth of scrapbooking:


These are the finished pages:





Honestly, I am not wild about any of these pages. A couple turned out OK, but I see major design flaws (largely a function of insufficient materials and impatience) that I am unwilling to take the time to correct.

You’d think as a designer, I’d really enjoy scrapping, but I’ve played with it a couple of times, and it’s just not my bag. I understand why other people enjoy it, but I can’t help feeling that if God had meant for me to sit around cutting out bits of paper and sticking them together, He wouldn’t have given me the Adobe Creative Suite to play with.

That said, if you like scrapping, Scrapbook Creations in Jenks is a must-stop. It’s a fun little shop with friendly service and a huge assortment of paper, stickers and embellishments. I have been there exactly twice, and my last visit was well over a year ago, yet the owner (?) remembered me. I had a good time shopping there, and I’m not even a scrapper. I think that’s the mark of a good business: If someone who is not particularly interested in your product can have fun shopping in your store, you are doing something right.