It’s not often that I feel completely overwhelmed by the projects on my plate, but this is one of those moments. I have 123 grammar papers and 26 essays to grade, 100 math problems to work, three feature stories to update and send back to my editor, and several dozen images that need Photoshopping, metadata and captions before 5:30 p.m. Friday, and we’re having an open house at school tomorrow night. I probably could weasel out of it if I had to, but I hate to do that, because I promised Zaphod and the Mac Fanboys that I’d be there. Maybe I can use some of the time between visitors to get some of my grading done.

Technically, I could blow off the grading for a couple more days and just catch it up over the weekend, but papers breed like rabbits when you aren’t looking at them, and I hate to keep my kids in suspense any longer than necessary.

The good thing about these crazy deadlines is that they will be behind me 48 hours from now. The trick is just to find my peace and hang onto it between now and then. If I’m quiet for a couple of days, bear with me; I’m just trying to keep up with all my responsibilities.