Catching up

Sorry for the silence the past couple of days; I’ve been up to my teeth in deadlines.

First, the big news: I got a perfect score on my math homework and only missed one on my quiz. (I completely overlooked a problem, a circumstance I am blaming on the headache I was still trying to shake by the time I got to class Friday night.)

Second, I think I am just about to see my way clear on this freelance project I’ve been trying to finish. The first half is due today, and I’m one shot away from being able to finish the last slideshow I owe my editor. Technically, I think I could turn in the slideshow later and be OK, because she extended the deadlines on those, but I’d rather just get it over with, so I think I’ll take the Rebel out in a little while and pop a quick picture of the 11th Street Cleaners sign on the way to dinner.

After I finish that project, I can throw together my lesson plans for next week and call it a night. 

If I get all my grading done tomorrow, I should be able to spend part of the evening catching my breath and relaxing before the next barrage of projects hits me in the face….


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