In the long run

Today was the first of Fleet Feet’s official training days in the spring marathon program. My pace group put in six slow, easy miles — and I do mean slow and easy. We run a 13:00 pace; I jogged alongside a walker who has her eye on a half marathon but found the half-marathon walking group a bit too fast for her tastes. The rest of the group got in a little extra mileage by circling back to keep from leaving us every mile or so. It was a lazy run, but I felt good afterward.

Part of me thinks I probably won’t stay with this pace group all season, because it’s a little slow even by my standards, but we’ve got a 10K on Jan. 31, and I think my best bet is to reassess the situation based on my finish time there.

On an unrelated note, it was warm and sunny this afternoon, which made the bees happy. There was a lot of activity around the hive … which, of course, made me happy.