Tapped out

I had some good intentions about grading grammar assignments tonight, but I think I’ll save them for tomorrow. I just got done with my math homework, and I feel seriously wiped out.

The good news is that out of 103 problems, there’s only one I’m not sure I got right. The rest of them checked out when I plugged the answers back into the original problems, so I think I did OK. I might take the clinker to school tomorrow and ask our math department chair to look at it for me during lunch. He’s been really supportive of my efforts thus far — he even brought me a couple of sample textbooks to use for review purposes — so I’m sure he won’t mind looking at one problem and telling me whether I got it right or wrong.

I’m working really hard in this class, but it is SO worth it. There’s something I find oddly reassuring about the orderliness and consistency of algebra. No matter how crazy and unpredictable my day gets, I can come home and open my textbook and find rules and structure and certainty. There’s a certain peace in that.

Hope your day was full of peace and positive challenges.