Five things

I swiped this meme from Brigid:

Five things you will find if you open my purse:
1. WD40
2. Tape measure
3. Screwdriver
4. Miniature sewing kit
5. Random receipts and scraps of paper with things scribbled on them.

Five things in my bedroom:
1. Bed
2. Fuzzy bee slippers
3. Dogs
4. Cell phone charger
5. Unicycle

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in my life:
1. Fly with Richard Bach
2. Own a cat
3. Write a bestseller
4. Save the world
5. Meet Neil Diamond

Five things that make me very happy:
1. The moment when a student understands something new
2. The moment when I understand something new
3. My niece and nephew
4. Marathon finish lines
5. Imaginary numbers

Five things I’m currently into:
1. Algebra
2. Distance running
3. Teaching
4. InDesign
5. Smoothies

Five things on my to-do list:
1. Finish my math homework
2. Grade grammar papers
3. Update the gradebook
4. Write a detailed course syllabus for each of my classes
5. Update my school Web site

Five things some people may or may not know about you:
1. I love the Green Man.
2. I forget to eat lunch about three times a week.
3. I lived on Reese cups, Dr. Pepper and Jimmy John’s sandwiches in college.
4. Rainy days make me sad, but in a good way.
5. I love sushi.

Five most important moments of 2008:
1. The day I was laid off
2. The day Zaphod recruited me for a job at school
3. The day the Rock Cafe burned
4. The day I walked back into the classroom full-time
5. The day I got my first evaluation from Zaphod

Five things you enjoy doing during your free time:
1. Photography
2. Math
3. Playing with Scout
4. Beekeeping
5. Running (especially in unfamiliar neighborhoods)


I’m happy tonight. No special reason; I’m just happy.

I had an awesome insight about the metaphysical implications of imaginary numbers. No time to explain it now (I’ve got two more sets of quadratic equations to work, a fire to stoke, a stack of grammar papers to grade, and a rat terrier to cuddle before bedtime), but I promise to post details as soon as I can work a hand free.