Quiet evening

Tonight was homework night, which means I was at school until about 5:45. Five kids showed up for free snacks and help with their make-up work, which I thought was pretty good.

I came home and spent an hour and a half making a to-do list, cleaning up the kitchen, and trying to get a fire going in the woodstove before heading over to the fitness center at TCC, which I can use for free as one of the perks of being a student. It’s a pretty nice gym. I spent almost an hour working out on a spin bike and several weight machines.

I’ve got a few papers to grade — mostly just grammar assignments, which I can finish in less than half an hour — and then I’ll either fix myself a smoothie or nuke a bowl of chili and dive into my math homework.

My instincts were right on the math class and the marathon program: Adding more demands to my plate has made my whole schedule run more smoothly. It seems totally counterintuitive — if not borderline neurotic — but my schedule always seems to work better when it’s filled to the brim. I think it just keeps me honest: It’s hard to procrastinate very much when you don’t have any spare minutes to waste.

Hope your evening is going smoothly, wherever you are.