Ran three miles at Fleet Feet tonight. Bought a textbook for the bargain price of $150, which was an inconvenience for me today but would have been an impossibility for me when I was a college kid with a $6-an-hour campus job. These companies should be ashamed of themselves. I did two of the six homework assignments that I have to finish by Friday. I’m sitting down to watch a movie with Ron and grade some papers in a few minutes. I think I’m more interested in my math than the movie, but we’ll see….


2 thoughts on “Multi-tasking”

  1. I’ve been seeing ads for and Barnes and Noble also has a textbook division. The former also offers books for rent, according to their TV commercial. Amazon probably has textbooks too. Your dad is really up in arms over the textbook prices. It’s outrageous in this day and age of electronic media that textbooks should cost so much. There’s just no justification for it. This is one area that should be looked at very closely and I think some regulation is definitely in order. They have a captive audience and there are very few alternatives for people trying to improve their education. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any investigative reporting done on it, but there certainly should be some light shone on the problem.

  2. You can also often find textbooks through library exchange. When I was in Lakeland CC, I borrowed my geography textbook through our state’s OhioLink. I was able to find a supplemental video package for $25 through

    It is UTTERLY ridiculous what textbooks cost. I was behind a med tech student in the bookstore who paid (IIRC) $450 for one book. When I was at KSU in the late 70s, I spent less for all my books than I did for just one at LCC. Ah, the good old days … 🙂

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