I am excited about two things this evening:

1. Running with the group tomorrow night at Fleet Feet. It’s the first night of the spring marathon training program, and I’ve had so much fun with past programs that I’m really amped up about doing it again.

2. Doing my math homework. I realize exactly how geeky that makes me sound, but honestly: I can’t see 50 cents’ worth of difference between this algebra class and my first marathon. In both cases, I was venturing out into the unknown on the strength of my conviction that I can do anything I make up my mind to do, provided I’m willing to work hard enough at it.

Hope your weekend was as good as mine. Despite the long list of stuff I didn’t accomplish, I think it was productive. After all, it’s not every weekend that I can say I’ve conquered my fear of math, washed three loads of laundry, run three miles, cleaned the bathroom, made a batch of chili, and helped a friend update his resume. I’ll just get out the timer and do the rest of it in 15-minute bites this week. (Thank God for FlyLady!)