This is not an interesting post. This is just a post to help me keep track of things I mean to accomplish tonight. Here are all the things I need to do before my break ends at 8:15 tomorrow morning:

1. Finish doing the laundry. (Ron is doing it for me. Isn’t he sweet?)
2. Hang my clothes for tomorrow in the bathroom so I can find them when I get up.
3. Make an answer sheet for tomorrow’s assignment.
4. Print tomorrow’s assignments.
5. Post tomorrow’s lesson plan and the date for the next homework night.
6. Put all my school stuff into my bag so I don’t forget anything on the way out the door.
7. Update my SD card for the digital photo frame in my classroom.
8. Figure out a good date for the NHS induction.
9. Get everything set up for breakfast.

Here are all the things I would like to do tonight to make myself feel just a little more productive and just a little better about going back to work:

1. Write up two more drafts for our freelance project.
2. Put together a slideshow for our freelance project.
3. Declutter the bedroom closet.
4. Put away all the dishes in the kitchen.
5. Look over the ads I’ve received thus far for the Trip Guide.
6. Declutter the bedroom.
7. Get a package ready to mail to Ashley.
8. Sweep the floors.
9. Move my sewing machine and desk out of the living room.
10. Take down the Christmas tree.
11. Declutter the living-room closet.
12. Declutter my office.
13. Organize my office.
14. Spend at least 15 minutes in the Fortress of Solitude.
15. Write up the syllabus for my regular classes. 
16. Write up the syllabus and January lesson plans for my pre-AP class.

Quick photos

I forgot these were on my Fuji, so I didn’t get around to posting them until just now, but here are a couple of shots from my classroom:

This is the organizer I made to hold our extra magnetic poetry kit words. I just used some fat quarters I’d bought for a quilting project I never bothered to do.

Finished bulletin board. Our magnet theme for the third quarter has to do with globalization.

Nothing fancy … just a peek into one of my many workspaces.