Wild shoes

I felt a creative outburst coming on this evening, so I bought a pair of Chuck Taylor knockoffs and painted them to match the mural on my office wall:




They’re not perfect, but they turned out OK, and it will be fun to wear them and see how many Maurice Sendak fans notice them.


7 thoughts on “Wild shoes”

  1. I thought of you this weekend when we went to Barnes and Noble. They have little Max dolls. He would be a nice mascot for your office.

  2. Mom: I am still kicking myself for passing up my one chance to buy a stuffed Wild Thing at a bookstore a few years ago. For one brief, golden, shining moment, they were making stuffed animals of my favorite Wild Thing (the one I painted on my shoe, with the head like a bull and the feet like a human), and I really considered buying it, but it was $35 or something, and I was pretty much living off my credit cards at the time, so I decided to save the money. I’m not sure why I picked that moment to exercise an oh-so-rare modicum of fiscal responsibility — especially when I am sure that I blew more than that on dinner out as soon as the feeling passed — but there it is. *Sigh*

    Brigid: Have you seen the luggage on Craftster that the girl lined with monster fur a couple of years ago? Way cute.

    P.S.: When you have kids, I will come right over and paint monsters all over the nursery. 🙂

  3. I think you should wear these to school with the BBQ tee. Yessirree-bob.

    And I am so going to sheep these and make pair for my self. : )

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