Eeeee! Bees!

It is too cold to play with my bees, and it is going to stay too cold for a long time, so I decided to get my Apis mellifera fix via retail therapy. (Marilyn, you do NOT want to click the preceding link.)

These ridiculously cute galoshes, which I just ordered from Amazon, should inspire me to walk to work once in a while.

I saw this adorable cake pan at Williams-Sonoma the other day. I was very excited to find it, but Ron talked me out of buying it. I have since decided that my judgment is better than his, so I am going to Utica Square tomorrow after my Reading Room shift to buy one. I’m thinking I might use it to make a cake for the first homework night of 2009, which will probably happen in mid-January.

I also bought a bee-and-flower cookie cutter set the other day at Hobby Lobby, but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

I wish I could find an umbrella with bees on it, but apparently they don’t exist. Maybe I can get a black umbrella and paint some bees on it. That would be way cute.

I’m told it’s weird that I keep buying bee stuff, but I think that’s wrong. It’s not weird when cat owners buy sweatshirts and coffee mugs with kittens on them. Bees are cute and fuzzy, too. They’re just more ambitious than cats.


2 thoughts on “Eeeee! Bees!”

  1. I’ve been looking at those online, but I think the size is a misprint — most of the other sites advertising that umbrella list it as a 28″ canopy or something, which sounds right when you look at the picture and the dimensions listed for the wings. I wish I could find one locally so I could look at it and decide whether it will work.

    I might just order one anyway. It’s not like it’s horribly expensive, and if it’s too small, I’m sure Princess Wiggly would be happy to take it off my hands. It doesn’t match her pink kitten galoshes, but with her eclectic fashion sense, I’m sure she’ll find a way to pull it off….

    What I really want is a clear bubble umbrella with bees printed all around the edges, but they apparently don’t exist. Failing that, I’d settle for this, or this, or maybe this….

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