Special bulletin (boards)

Today was cold, but a big bowl of chicken and dumplings from Evelyn’s warmed me right up. 

After lunch, we went by the teachers’ supply store here in town, where I picked up about $40 worth of stuff for bulletin boards and a $10 workbook on the Holocaust. (I am teaching Night next quarter.) 

I spent most of the afternoon planning some bulletin boards and making things for class. Here’s what I came up with:


This is the layout for a bulletin board featuring next quarter’s essential question for the magnet program. (I’m posting it here not because I think you’re particularly interested in seeing diecuts scattered across my bedspread, but because I plan to use this picture as a guide when I actually put this up tomorrow morning.)


I thought this turned out kind of cute. It’s going to be a place to display excellent student work, which will be posted in that large open area on the lower right-hand part of the board. The tag says “Gifted and talented thinkers.” (I know a lot of my kids are not officially classified as “gifted and talented,” but I reserve the right to celebrate every student’s gifts and talents, regardless of his I.Q.)


Here’s another view of the gift bulletin board, along with the beginning of a new-and-improved version of the newspaper-themed bulletin board I started but never quite finished this fall. The date and “Vol. 1, Issue 2” will go between those black lines. Below that will be a big headline that says “Students of the month named,” with brief articles and pictures of the honorees. It should be pretty cute when it’s finished.

I also printed out some more business cards (which my kids love — they’re printed on cheap, cloud-themed cardstock from Office Depot, and I put an inspiring quotation on each one) and made some more ink pen sunflowers to replace some of the ones that have vanished from my desk.

Hope you’re feeling warm and productive, wherever you are.