The streets in Red Fork are completely dry at the moment, but the sleet that fell last night apparently wreaked havoc on the roads in some of the outlying areas, prompting our superintendent to give us the day off. When I saw that the roads in my neighborhood were clear — along with my windshield — I didn’t bother to check to see if we had school. I just got up, went to work, and found everyone gone but a few custodians and a couple of secretaries. 

Since the building was open and I had nothing better to do, I seized the opportunity to write a magnet unit that’s due on Wednesday and start working on some new bulletin boards.

The weather reports were dire enough that they’ve already called off school for tomorrow, which is nice, because Ron has the day off. If the streets aren’t too horrifying, I’m going to pester him to take me to Evelyn’s for lunch….