Oh, fuuuuuuuudge!

Oi. What a night. I had a meeting right after school today, followed by another meeting at 7 p.m.┬áIn between, I wrote the study guide for the final exam I’m giving next week, and when I got home from the second meeting, I wrote the exam itself.

Various and sundry claims of illness and other problems had left me feeling pretty run-down the past couple of weeks, but I finally reclaimed my rightful energy level tonight: When I finished writing my exam, I felt strong enough to make two batches of fudge — one peanut butter and one chocolate-walnut. Despite the fact that I did everything exactly right, the peanut butter batch wouldn’t set up. I am attributing this to the oil content in the peanut butter, which seemed a little high. I think I used a different brand last time.

Oh well. I’m planning to do truffles, turtles and divinity this weekend. While I’m in the kitchen, I think I can mix the failed peanut-butter fudge (which tastes awesome, even if it isn’t quite the right texture) with some powdered sugar, roll it into balls, and dip it in chocolate. I couldn’t remember how much chocolate I actually needed, so I bought about five bags of Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate chips and three bags of mini-Kisses. I figured anything I didn’t use for candy would be just fine in cookies or Hello Dolly pie. At least two bags of chocolate chips are destined to become truffles this weekend, and a bag of Kisses will end up coating the turtles. I may dip some divinity in chocolate just for giggles. I think we have established that I have no compunction about gilding any available lily within an inch of its life.

Part of me really wants to make fondant this year, but I need a set of metal candy bars and a marble slab, neither of which is available at Target. I’m sure Williams-Sonoma has what I need, but I can’t seem to muster the enthusiasm to brave the crowds at Utica Square just so I can add one more candymaking project to the umpteen I already do every year. I suppose I could start with a batch of the no-cook butter fondant from the Wilton candy book. I look at that recipe every year, and I wind up getting tired before I get to it every year. Maybe this will be the year I try that and the sparkly dishes made of hard candy.

Hope your evening was productive….