For several months, I’ve been seeing something called “Grapples” at the grocery store. The gimmick is that they look like apples but taste like grapes (a concept I find vaguely reminiscent of that “Looks Like Orange, Tastes Like Grape” soda I picked up at POPS last summer). 

I’m not generally a fan of trendy, prepackaged, flavor-of-the-week produce, but I did spring for a few of the doughnut peaches that were popular a couple of years ago, and the champagne grapes I took to a party during one of the Ya-Yas’ health-conscious-dieter phases turned out to be a fairly good decision, so I decided to give these weird little apples a try.

They’re not bad, but I was hoping they were the product of selective breeding, like broccolini or pluots, so I was disappointed to learn, via a Google search, that they are nothing more than plain old Fuji apples that have been soaked in grape-flavored water.

Six bucks a four-pack seems awfully high for what amounts to a handful of apples steeped in grape Nehi, but maybe I should just shut up and be grateful they’re not GMOs….