Fortress of Solitude

I’m not wild about the color, but it was the only one available at Mod50s … and it cost $700 less than the ones I’ve been looking at online … and I like supporting local businesses … and the guy who runs the place is cool … and his supplier won’t let him special-order just one chair … and I feel much better about buying a piece of furniture I’ve actually touched and seen and confirmed to be of good quality … and the main appeal of these chairs for me is their comfort and sound-reducing capability … and Ron didn’t think the color was too horrible to tolerate in his living room … and the upholstery color is actually sort of soothing when you’re curled up in it … and there’s something to be said for instant gratification, especially when you sit in a chair in a showroom and realize that you never, ever want to leave it … so with all that in mind, I am now the proud owner of this fabulous Eero Aarnio knockoff:




Here’s the best thing about it:


It’s on a stand with little ball bearings that let it turn around completely backwards, so if I don’t like something that’s going on in the room, I can just shut it out. Sweet. It doesn’t have speakers in it, like some models do, but that’s what iPod earbuds are for.

Somehow that stack of papers I have to grade tonight seems much more appealing now. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Fortress of Solitude”

  1. Given my affinity for the ’70s, the harvest-gold-and-avocado color scheme is growing on me.

    Thus far, Scout is content to keep sleeping in her papasan. I am cynically assuming that this is because she has not yet figured out that the ball chair cost ten times as much as the papasan and would be much more expensive to reupholster if she ruined it….

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