Fortress of Solitude

I’m not wild about the color, but it was the only one available at Mod50s … and it cost $700 less than the ones I’ve been looking at online … and I like supporting local businesses … and the guy who runs the place is cool … and his supplier won’t let him special-order just one chair … and I feel much better about buying a piece of furniture I’ve actually touched and seen and confirmed to be of good quality … and the main appeal of these chairs for me is their comfort and sound-reducing capability … and Ron didn’t think the color was too horrible to tolerate in his living room … and the upholstery color is actually sort of soothing when you’re curled up in it … and there’s something to be said for instant gratification, especially when you sit in a chair in a showroom and realize that you never, ever want to leave it … so with all that in mind, I am now the proud owner of this fabulous Eero Aarnio knockoff:




Here’s the best thing about it:


It’s on a stand with little ball bearings that let it turn around completely backwards, so if I don’t like something that’s going on in the room, I can just shut it out. Sweet. It doesn’t have speakers in it, like some models do, but that’s what iPod earbuds are for.

Somehow that stack of papers I have to grade tonight seems much more appealing now. 🙂