I wish I had something brilliant and thought-provoking to share today, but I really don’t. The past two days have been cold and gray. Yesterday, the kids were goofy. Today, they just wanted to sleep. Bless their hearts, I felt their pain.

Funny moment: A student critiqued my wardrobe (usually Dockers and polo shirts) today. She says I need to “dress more ladylike.” I hadn’t noticed this until she pointed it out, but the only teachers who wear Dockers and polos all the time are guys. The women mostly dress like bank tellers.

Bless her heart, this poor kid would probably be scandalized if she knew that the only reason I carry a purse is to have a convenient place to stash a can of WD-40 and a tape measure….


4 thoughts on “Uninspired”

  1. Funny, yesterday I dropped Puppy off at school and his teacher was wearing a black minidress and black go-go boots. Guess ours are tellers with a . . . difference? LOL She’s sweet as punch and we love her, but she was very va-va-voom yesterday! Guess I’d prolly be okay being broken down on the side of the road with either of you, right?

  2. I like that around the office, when I wear a button-up shirt that’s only slightly dressy, I get told I look nice. I guess the rest of the time, I look like a schlub.

  3. Ah, the pleasures of working in a locked facility with multiple checkpoints…I can wear my pajamas to work and no one sees me or cares. I haven’t worn mascara to work since June 2007…Wheee!

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