Going lomo in New Mexico

I took both the Holga and the Diana along when we hiked up Tucumcari Mountain in late September. I’d forgotten about those images until I rounded up a few spent rolls that I had in the car and took them to Apertures this week. The image above was shot with the Holga. The trippy colors are what you get when you expose a roll of expired Agfa film to a sunny New Mexico morning.

The Diana was sporting a roll of TMax that morning. In that dazzling sunlight, she graciously accommodated me with one of her trademark light leaks, yielding this ethereal view of a sunflower growing wild on the mountain:

I got some interesting neon shots on these rolls, too, but it’s a cold night, I’ve worked hard all week, and I hear a fluffy down comforter calling my name.

Hope your week was good and your weekend is even better.


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