City Farmer

This garden is about 3,500 miles from Red Fork, but I hang out in it all the time, thanks to the magic of City Farmer’s excellent Webcam feature. City Farmer, based in Vancouver, B.C., is an urban agriculture program whose comprehensive Web site (so comprehensive that one site couldn’t contain it all, so it was expanded into a blog) taught me how to raise red wiggler worms in a plastic shoebox under my sink and showed me an environmentally sound way of managing the waste generated by three dogs

Although the program focuses primarily on greening up Vancouver through community gardens, composting initiatives, and the like, a lot of the information on City Farmer’s two Web sites can be used right here in Red Fork — or anywhere else in the world.

The Webcam updates every hour. Go check it out. Click here to see a nice time-lapse slideshow of the garden and the changes it goes through in a year.

If I ever became a millionaire, I think I’d blow my money on Webcams for places I love but don’t get to visit nearly often enough: Makanda (especially Dave Dardis’ garden), the Blue Swallow, the open-air arts market at Tijeras, La Posada, the Turtle Playground, the City Museum, Venice Cafe, Viviano’s, the Gloss Mountains, the Painted Desert, Roy’s, the Ludlow Coffee Shop, Fender’s River Road Resort, the Wigwam Motel, Uncle Fun’s, the Start Your Day With PORK barn, Mom’s yard (you never know when Jamie might stop by to see the bok-boks), the Hamel cross, the Sidewalk Highway, Eisler Bros., John’s Modern Cabins, and a thousand other spots. I’ve never been to the Lost Gardens of Heligan (WARNING: chirpy bird sounds in link), but I was pretty excited to discover their wildlife-centered Webcams, too. 

Where would you like to have a Webcam? Discuss.


Folk Thursday: Tardy

Like some of my kids, I’m showing up late because of the homecoming festivities. But I brought a pass from Mr. Nelson, in the form of a belated Folk Thursday double feature:

Don’t count me tardy, OK? 🙂