Homecoming parade

We had our homecoming parade this evening. It was getting dark, so I didn’t get the world’s greatest pictures, but I managed to pop a few shots of the kids having a good time.

Here are our Warrior Chief and Miss Daniel Webster (what we call the homecoming king and queen). The queen is one of the sweetest, brightest, and most relentlessly upbeat girls you’ll ever care to meet. She’s one of those kids who is popular for all the right reasons. All the kids on the court are like that, really — I can’t think of a single instance when I’ve seen any of them mouth off to a teacher or put down other students. The fact that these kids were elected to the court makes me proud of our whole student body. 

Speaking of royalty, I watched the parade with Princess Wiggly, her daddy, and their faithful sidekick, Liza. Mom and big brother showed up later, after they finished a gymnastics lesson. The kids made sure Wiggly got plenty of candy, and one of the guys on the sophomore float threw us a T-shirt, which Wiggly’s brother wore for the rest of the parade. (Unfortunately, my picture of him in the shirt didn’t turn out well, as it was getting really dark out.)

I went to a chili supper after the parade. I think it was a fundraiser for our alumni association or something. When I got home, I had a nice phone conversation with a student’s mother, revamped my lesson plan for tomorrow, made a studyguide on the prologue and first scene in Antigone, and pulled together a list of assignments and instructions for a boy who is failing my class and needs to make up a lot of work in a short time. I ought to grade some papers, but I’m really tired. I think those vocabulary assignments can wait for tomorrow.