Fair play

We made our annual pilgrimage to the Tulsa State Fair yesterday. 

Here are some of the highlights, with captions to explain them:

This was a log-pulling contest through an obstacle course. The horses had to weave through the cones without stepping on them or hitting them with the log. This team was very good. They are half quarter horse and half Percheron.

The fair can be soooooo exhausting for a little kid. Sometimes you just have to rest wherever you can find a comfortable spot. Of course, it’s more relaxing if you have a friend to cuddle up with …

… like this …

… or this.

Of course, the petting zoo is always a highlight. Especially when a dromedary eats right out of your hand. (Photo by Ron.)

Kids just can’t resist sliding boards.

I was disappointed about missing the sheepdog trials — they were Tuesday night, and I couldn’t get over to the fairgrounds in time — but Saturday’s llama agility competition almost made up for it. This is hands-down the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. I wish I’d had a zoom lens so I could have gotten a good shot of the woman leading a reluctant llama through a little tunnel made out of a tarp. It was, as they say on Cute Overload, tewtally redonk….

My favorite species was well-represented at this year’s festivities. In addition to this awesomely designed ride, we saw the usual display of award-winning honey, and NEOBA had an observation hive set up at their booth. Then I spotted this adorable, larger-than-life character on the midway:

If anybody knows what carny supply house sells these, please let me know, because I need one.

Here I am, triumphantly biting into my long-sought deep-fried Twinkie. You cannot believe what we went through to find one: four trips around the fairgrounds, and I must have interrogated 30 people — TV personalities, trash collectors, Marines, political activists, corn dog vendors, you name it — before a funnel-cake vendor finally tipped me off as to the whereabouts of the Twinkie guy.

Apparently deep-fried Twinkies are rocket fuel, because this is the most productive weekend I’ve ever had. Since I got home from school Friday, I have read two novels (The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros and The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver); planned two weeks’ worth of lessons; written two notes to parents; gotten my hair trimmed; and set up a special class blog to help students and their parents keep up with what’s going on in class.

Next up: Plan another week’s worth of lessons; clean the house; make some audiobooks for Jamie; pack a box of presents to ship to Jamie; make dinner; plan enrichment projects for some gifted students who are way beyond what I’m currently teaching in class; and prepare some makeup work for kids who got suspended so they don’t fall too far behind.