Ron made a new friend today while he was trimming the weeds around the house:

I love how amphibians look perpetually ticked-off. Their little mouths turn down, and their heads have sort of a V shape between the eyes that makes them look as if they’re frowning. Somewhere around here, I have a hilarious picture of Ron holding a red-eared slider that he’d found while cleaning the pond at our old house. The turtle is making a grouchy little turtle face, and Ron is mimicking its expression. It cracks me up every time I see it.

Speaking of grouchy little creatures, we went out to Nuyaka and Living Kitchen this morning to check our hives. The girls look good. We won’t be able to take any honey from them this year, because they haven’t filled their second hive bodies yet, but they’ve produced some gorgeous-looking comb, and everybody appears healthy and happy. For first-year hives, they’re in pretty respectable shape. We’ll pay them another visit in about a month, when it’s time to winterize the hives. I expect to get some great photos and perhaps a video to share after that adventure….