We’re seeing the effects of Hurricane Ike here in Tulsa today. The neighborhood block party at school had to be canceled because of the wind and rain, and Songdog now refuses to go outside unless it’s a dire emergency. I don’t blame him. I went to the grocery store this evening to pick up a couple of things we’d run out of and simply couldn’t do without, and it was pretty soggy.

We went to the feed store this morning to pick up food for the dogs and chickens before I headed to the Reading Room for a meeting. After the meeting, we went to lunch at Ike’s Chili House — a good place to be on a wet, gray afternoon. When we got home, I decided the weather was perfect for a nap, so I scrapped my good intentions about cleaning the house and just curled up in bed instead.

I’ve got a meeting at church tomorrow afternoon. When I get done, I think I’m going to try my hand at wiring. Whatever rocket scientist wired this house apparently wasn’t thinking too hard when he installed the light switches, because none of the interior light switches is located anywhere near the exterior doors. This means that if I come home after dark, I have to walk all the way into a pitch-black house to turn on the light (usually while tripping over a couple of hyperactive dogs all the way). At best, this is annoying and inconvenient. At worst, it’s potentially dangerous. And after four years, I think it’s high time I installed a light somewhere within reach of the front door.

Stay tuned….