Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I was out of town, visiting my family in Illinois, and didn’t really have a chance to blog. I trust these photos of Jamie are cute enough to compensate for my absence:

Jamie is learning to make vowel sounds. Here, he demonstrates how to say “Eeeeeeeeee!”



Polishing the furniture. That chair used to be mine when I was a little older than Jamie.

Uncle Ron couldn’t come to visit on this trip, so Jamie sent him a long-distance greeting. Hi, Uncle Ron!

I remember watching Jamie’s mom stand on her tippy-toes and s-t-r-e-e-e-e-t-c-h to reach things in the middle of the table when she was little. We won’t talk about how long ago that was….

Tunnel vision.

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy….

Looking like Mommy here….

This was a major project. Jamie decided to unload about 50 books from the shelf, one by one, and deliver them to Ba-Pa (his name for Grandpa) to stack. It took Ba-Pa a long time to convince Jamie that he should start delivering the books to Grandma to put back on the shelf.

The pictures don’t show the cutest thing Jamie did: He has spent a lot of time looking at pictures on my mom’s living-room wall and learning the names of all the people in them. As soon as I saw him Saturday morning, he greeted me with a big smile and peals of “Emmy! Emmy! Emmy! Emmy!”

His mom and his Uncle Oliver both called me Emmy when they were learning to say my name. Weird that the real reason for my visit was to attend a baby shower for Oliver’s wife, Ashley. Their baby is due in November. I haven’t Photoshopped any shower pictures yet, but as soon as I get a hand free, I’ve got a hilarious one of Oliver sampling some baby food during a game.


6 thoughts on “Excuse”

  1. Emmy, I think you should know he was BEGGING for you on the whole car ride home from preschool yesterday and inspected every room of Grandma and BaPa’s house looking for you and shouting, “Emmeeeeeee!”

    A little boy is missing you.

  2. Question: Is your photo shown on your blog, the corner of SW Blvd & S. 41st W ave.? I have memories of that corner as a grade and middle school child. We called it jr high back in the day. The reason I came across your blog, I was looking for any information on the fire station in Red Fork. I nearly lived at that station in my early teens and help throw a paper route on channel eight hill area. Many of your writings have taken me down memory lane. Reed park had a great pool. I went to 6th grade at Porter grade school as well as all the other schools on the West side except Park. If I ever wound up back in Tulsa, I would love to live in Red Fork. A very peaceful unchanged stuck in the past area. I have taken up much ink space just to ask a simple question about the location of the picture. Is it? Peace. Double J.

  3. Grace: That is SO sweet. Tell Jamie that Aunt Emily misses him, too. I think his mommy needs to bring him to Tulsa to see the trains at Ollie’s and pet the stingrays at the aquarium….

    Double J: Yes, the photo was shot from the traffic island on Southwest Boulevard, near the 41st Street overpass.

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