Saturday in the (River) Park

I’d promised myself that if the heat wave ever ended, I would start running again. I hadn’t run a step since Nov. 18, but the temperature got down to 80 today, so I pulled on my Brooks Adrenalines and put in just over three miles at River Parks, alternating between running and walking.

I had a good workout and was surprised at how easy it seemed in spite of the long hiatus. Given my late start, I’m not sure I’ll be ready for a full marathon this season, but I’m pretty confident I can pull off a couple of half-marathons by November. I’ve been trying to convince Zaphod and the Mac Fanboys* to put together a marathon relay team to promote our school at the Route 66 Marathon, but they aren’t having any of it. (Weenies….)

In honor of my efforts today, I think I’ll have some pasta.

Hope you had a good Saturday, wherever you are.


* The Mac Fanboys are my officemates, who share my enthusiasm for Apple products. This, incidentally, is their ringtone. Clever, no? (And wouldn’t “Zaphod and the Mac Fanboys” make a killer band name?)