Folk Thursday challenge answers

As some of you will recall, I posted a special Route 66-themed Folk Thursday video last week. At the time, I issued a challenge to anybody who could identify all of the locations of all the pictures in the video. Nobody had a guess, so — as promised — here are the answers, in order of appearance:

1. Phillips 66 station, Red Oak II near Carthage, Mo.
2. Lucille’s, Hydro, Okla.
3. Phillips 66 station, McLean, Texas
4. Soulsby Station, Mt. Olive, Ill.
5. Phillips 66 station, Chandler, Okla.
6. Roy’s, Amboy, Calif.
7. U-Drop Inn, Shamrock, Texas
8. Seaba Station, Warwick, Okla.
9. Wilkerson’s Gulf station, Newkirk, N.M.
10. Willys Jeep, Glenrio, Texas/N.M.
11. Afton, Okla.
12. Galena, Kan.
13. Twin Arrows, Ariz.
14. Newkirk, N.M.
15. Cool Springs Camp, Oatman, Ariz.
16. Camper, just west of Afton, Okla.
17. Conoco sign standard, Tulsa, Okla.
18. Roadrunner’s Retreat, Chambless, Calif.
19. Phillips 66 station, Cuba, Mo.
20. Lucille’s, Hydro, Okla.
21. Café, Glenrio, Texas/N.M.
22. Glenrio, N.M.
23. Overpasses, Tulsa, Okla.
24. Oakhurst, Okla. (between Tulsa and Sapulpa)
25. Newkirk, N.M.
26. Bristow, Okla.
27. Davenport, Okla.
28. Fina sign standard behind John’s Modern Cabins, Newburg, Mo.
29. Roy’s, Amboy, Calif.
30. Bell station, Tulsa, Okla.
31. “Vic” Suhling Gas for Less, Litchfield, Ill.
32. John’s Modern Cabins, Newburg, Mo.
33. Oakhurst, Okla. 
34. Red Oak II, near Carthage, Mo.
35. Vinita, Okla.
36. Ed’s Camp, Oatman, Ariz.
37. Bent Door Café, Adrian, Texas
38. Don’s Auto Repair, Tulsa, Okla.
39. Tulsa Auto Salvage, Oakhurst, Okla.
40. Lucille’s, Hydro, Okla.

How many of these did you recognize?