Folk Thursday challenge

Thanks to the magic of iMovie … here’s the Slaid Cleaves cover of the Fred Eaglesmith song I was talking about earlier:

Special challenge: I’ll send an El Vado Motel bumper sticker to the first Route 66 enthusiast (other than Ron) who can correctly identify the location of every gas station in this video. If nobody gets it before midnight next Thursday, I’ll post the answers.


4 thoughts on “Folk Thursday challenge”

  1. Emily, I got lost after Amboy and then found my way through a few other places. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation though. I’ll grab it and post it on It was good to see you and Ron in Litchfield.

  2. I am too old to remember all of the places from our Rt66 trip in 01 but I loved the slide show.
    I can’t belive another Rt66 nut has ever heard of Fred Eaglesmith. I was in one of Freds music videos for the 50-odd Dollars CD (Rodeo Boy) and have all of his music.

    Bill CA Rt66 Museum Volunteer

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