Bumbling around

I was shooting some video of the hens playing in the garden tonight when I noticed bumblebees working the sunflowers. I was using the Fuji rather than the Canon, so the image quality is a little off, but the bees were cute enough and the interplay of color and texture was nice enough that I thought I’d post a few shots anyway. 


If I’m feeling adventuresome, I’ll take the Rebel out tomorrow night and see if I can get something a little clearer.

I’ll have to get a little closer for that, because I don’t have a zoom lens for the Rebel, but as long as I stay out of the bees’ way and don’t interfere with their work, they should tolerate my presence for a few minutes. I think I’ll wear a hat to prevent anybody from getting tangled up in my hair while I work, though….

On an unrelated note, I had a visitor in the garden recently: A little turtle was hanging out under the tomato vines the other day while I was weeding the cucumbers. It was very cute.


2 thoughts on “Bumbling around”

  1. you just reminded me, on my way to work this morning, i saw a posted sign for a lost tortoise, no kidding. just like a lost cat or dog sign like you see all the time on telephone poles. it was both odd and sad. it’s a cheerful thought to think of him hanging out under someone’s tomatoes.

  2. Awww … I hope his owners find him. My friend Cheryl used to have these desert tortoises — which are an endangered species — living in her backyard in Vegas. She did research on them, found out what they like to eat and where they like to hang out, and bought vegetables and stuff for them. She fed them every day and made them so comfortable that they decided to stay and raise babies right in her yard. It was pretty cool.

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