Bumbling around

I was shooting some video of the hens playing in the garden tonight when I noticed bumblebees working the sunflowers. I was using the Fuji rather than the Canon, so the image quality is a little off, but the bees were cute enough and the interplay of color and texture was nice enough that I thought I’d post a few shots anyway. 


If I’m feeling adventuresome, I’ll take the Rebel out tomorrow night and see if I can get something a little clearer.

I’ll have to get a little closer for that, because I don’t have a zoom lens for the Rebel, but as long as I stay out of the bees’ way and don’t interfere with their work, they should tolerate my presence for a few minutes. I think I’ll wear a hat to prevent anybody from getting tangled up in my hair while I work, though….

On an unrelated note, I had a visitor in the garden recently: A little turtle was hanging out under the tomato vines the other day while I was weeding the cucumbers. It was very cute.