People in your neighborhood

I volunteered to work a booth at Neighborfest on Tuesday night at Reed Park.

I think the turnout was pretty good. I wound up sharing a table with Katy from RedFork Main Street after we realized the tables were really big and our collections of handouts and goodies were not quite sufficient to fill two separate tables.

Our local high school principal/Main Street veep played blues guitar during the talent show. I thought he sounded pretty good.

Princess Wiggly and her family showed up. Wiggly liked the free stuff. Here she is with a popsicle in her hand and a Frisbee on her head. (I assume the Frisbee was standing in for her usual tiara.) Her brother came to see me a little later, but he had a gymnastics lesson that conflicted with part of the festivities.

Katy and Nancy from RedFork Main Street had time for a brief visit before things really got rolling.

I think the Neighborfest block parties are a good idea. Mayor Taylor started them a couple of years ago. The city sponsors a block party in a different ward each week in the summer. The city councilor for that ward shows up, and all the local civic and nonprofit organizations can set up booths to distribute information and materials. Borden brings a truck and hands out free ice cream and popsicles, and the fire department brings the “smoke house” so kids can practice escaping from a burning building. It’s a nice way to give families something to do, and it gives everybody a chance to talk to their elected officials and learn about the services and organizations in their neighborhood.