Happy campers

I went camping last night. I’d never gone before, but I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and I finally worked up the nerve to try it this weekend.

Ron wasn’t interested in going (for some inexplicable reason, the idea of sleeping on the ground in a tent in the middle of July didn’t thrill him), but I didn’t have the nerve to spend a night in the great outdoors all by myself, so I took Songdog along instead.

I can’t say it was the most fun I’ve ever had, but it was kind of nice to hang out with Song for a few hours and read beside a pretty lake without any distractions. I think if I go again, I’ll wait for cooler weather, and I’ll definitely bring an air mattress along, because it was a little too warm out, and the ground was a little too hard to be really comfortable … but considering my lack of experience, I had a pretty good time, and I was particularly proud of the fact that A.) I got my tent — a very simple, single-pole model — set up in under half an hour, despite maddeningly vague directions and a small defect in one corner of the tent that required some improvisation to work around, and B.) I didn’t freak out about bugs or imaginary dangers that might be lurking outside. (Most of the credit for that last bit should go to Song. It’s easy to feel safe with a big, loyal dog by your side.)

Our view of the lake just before sunset.

Songdog was a little confused, and I don’t think he liked being away from home all night, but he behaved very well, and I know he enjoyed the attention. I’d been afraid he might squirm around and knock the tent down on top of us, but instead, he just marched straight to the back of the tent, curled up, and stayed quiet all night. I woke up a couple of times to find him craning his neck and looking out the front screen when the park ranger drove past, but he didn’t bark — he just silently monitored the situation until he was sure we were safe. 


(Don’t let Song’s hang-dog look fool you. He’d just had a drink of cold water and was busy making cute faces and wagging his tail a second before I took the picture, but when he saw the camera, he decided to look as pathetic as possible.)


He’s an awfully good dog. I’m glad he decided to adopt us.

Hope you’re having an interesting weekend, wherever you are.


8 thoughts on “Happy campers”

  1. hmm i’m with ron – i don’t ‘do’ camping – it is a joke with Daz and I that i am a ‘five star’ sorta girl !!! we tried it once – and i hated it – then we brought a camper trailer thinking that was a step up from camping but not quite a motel – didn’t like that much either !!! so it was back to hotels for us

  2. Where did you go? Did you need to get a permit to stay overnight? Were there bathrooms and showers or did you really rough it?

  3. Emily, I know where that is, but have no idea what kind of facilities are available for someone with a tent, if you need to reserve a space, or if a permit is needed. Never done it.

  4. It’s $10 a night, first-come, first-serve, with bathrooms and showers available in part of the park. Details are online here. All the campsites I saw were close to the road, with parking right in front of them, so you don’t have to haul your stuff too far. Not terribly rough, but a good place for a first-timer, I thought.

  5. We’ve never camped. We’ve talked about trying it and will follow your lead if we do. Thanks!

  6. Hey Emily,
    I’ve been enjoying your blog! It is way cool! Sorry I haven’t gotten back with you on special ed pass objectives on the state website. Things have been busy here also. You’ve really done some neat things this summer! I can’t wait to see you at school. It’s approaching soon. Maybe too soon. Oh well, I guess it’s meant to be.
    I’ll get back with you on finding those pass objectives. Rhonda Herriman

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