Adventures in Podcasting

Here’s another one I can cross off the 101 Things list:

72. Experiment with Podcasting.

I created a Podcast about our latest adventures in beekeeping. For some reason, the “play” link doesn’t seem to want to do anything (possibly because of high Web traffic?) but the download link works just fine.

If you have trouble getting the Podcast, I also uploaded the movie to YouTube:

Not bad for a girl who still listens to Neil Diamond on vinyl, eh? 😉


5 thoughts on “Adventures in Podcasting”

  1. Hey that looks great — good idea. What do you record your video on? I got a flip video camera. It’s cheap, easy, and high-quality (for web sites anyway, I don’t know how it would look on tv).

    Anyway, good news on the house, I spoke with the landlord today and she was as enthusiastic about the vegetable garden as I was, and I discovered clothesline poles (just minus the line).

    Keep Red Fork and 66 alive!


  2. Thanks! I recorded the video on a Fuji Finepix S1000 and edited it with iMovie. The quality isn’t terrific, but it’s good enough for a Podcast.

    Awesome that your landlord is going to let you put in a garden! You might check Swinney’s for a replacement clothesline; their stock is getting pretty thin, but what’s left is on sale. If they’re out, try Cullison or Best.

  3. Neat to watch the process, gonna show my son the video tomorrow. He was just asking me the other day about how honey was harvested. Really cool stuff guys!

  4. Since the sound on my computer was being funky and I had to watch your video silent, I imagined THIS as the soundtrack instead in my head as it played…you will appreciate this:

  5. we liked your video. The kids want to come and see it real life. Corbin wants to know what you do with the honey. and says Ron looks funny in that suit. Jaiden says thank you for keeping me.

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