The perils of bird netting

We put bird netting over the blackberries this summer to protect them from avian marauders. We do this every year. It’s never been a problem before, but for some reason, it’s causing problems for small creatures this year. A few days ago, a black swallowtail butterfly had gotten caught under the netting, and I wound up having to cut a big hole to free it. This evening, I was checking on my sunflowers when I heard a whirring noise nearby and discovered a pretty little female hummingbird trapped between the netting and the brambles. As I pulled the netting taut so I could tear a hole in it to free my tiny captive, she got scared, darted back toward the fence, and found her way out.

I’ll have to figure out a safer way to protect my blackberry crop from birds next year. I like berries, but I like hummingbirds and butterflies more, and I don’t want to endanger the pretty little creatures that are coming to pollinate my sunflowers. (Come to think of it, maybe that’s the problem: We didn’t have sunflowers behind the fence the past two years, so we probably didn’t have a lot of butterflies and hummingbirds back there.)

In other garden news, there’s a big, fat toad hanging out under the cucumber and tomato vines. I suspect it’s stuffing itself with mosquitoes, which like to hide in the cool shade under those big cucumber leaves.


Adventures in Podcasting

Here’s another one I can cross off the 101 Things list:

72. Experiment with Podcasting.

I created a Podcast about our latest adventures in beekeeping. For some reason, the “play” link doesn’t seem to want to do anything (possibly because of high Web traffic?) but the download link works just fine.

If you have trouble getting the Podcast, I also uploaded the movie to YouTube:

Not bad for a girl who still listens to Neil Diamond on vinyl, eh? 😉