Man is … that which has not a single quality underived from Deity; that which possesses no life, intelligence, nor creative power of his own, but reflects spiritually all that belongs to his Maker.
— Mary Baker Eddy

We were driving west on Route 66 last Sunday evening, on our way back from Litchfield, Ill., to Tulsa, when we noticed this huge, pink-tinged cloud looming behind us.

As we drove along, the cloud changed its hue, shifting from golden to coral to deep orange against the rapidly darkening sky. Watching this profusion of color, I commented to Ron that the cloud seemed to get more beautiful every time I looked at it.

As I turned my attention back to the road and squinted into the brightness of the setting sun, trying to read the street signs ahead of us, my perception shifted, and I realized the cloud behind us was really no different from any other cloud; it was just the degree to which it reflected that fiery sunset light that made it so stunning. As our position relative to the light shifted, we saw different reflections, each more beautiful than the last.

It occurred to me that there might be a good metaphysical analogy in that cloud.

Photography is, simply put, the act of recording reflected light. As a photographer, I strive to create striking images by looking for interesting light that’s reflected in an interesting way.

Similarly, in my day-to-day life, the people I find the most striking are those who most clearly reflect the light of divine Love. As my position relative to that light changes — that is, as I grow, and as my perception of man as the perfect child of God sharpens — I see more of that reflection in people, and they seem to become more beautiful.

In my images, I love to play with reflections. A well-placed reflection can draw attention to the beauty of the original and help the viewer to better appreciate its attractive qualities. Similarly, I think an individual whose life clearly reflects God’s goodness can draw attention to the beauty of divine Love.

May we all allow our lives to reflect such beauty.


(Photo captions, top to bottom: Sunset on Route 66 near Webb City, Mo.; Niehaus Cycle Sales, Litchfield, Ill.; a young roadie admires the Four Women on the Route sign during a presentation at the Ariston Cafe in Litchfield; Munger Moss Motel, Lebanon, Mo.)

3 thoughts on “Reflections”

  1. Yes! It is amazing and a little frightening to think about how everything we see is bouncing light – light, so easy to forget the intermediary…

  2. Nice blog. I was thinking of Joseph’s coat of many colors after reading your blog, and thinking that those colors symbolize the seven colors in the rainbow, the seven days of creation, and hence, the seven synonyms for God: Mind, Spirt, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love. I was thinking how the colors in your reflections are like those seven colors in the coat of many colors Joseph’s father lovingly made for him.

  3. What a lovely idea! I’ve spent a lot of time with Joseph — especially at moments when things seemed to be falling apart or I was going through some kind of chemicalization — but I hadn’t ever thought about the significance of his coat.

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