Catching my breath

I could have stayed at school all afternoon, but I’d caught up the stuff I wanted to get done today, so I decided to come home and catch my breath before I dive into the next big project.

I’m thinking of running over to Dwelling Spaces to buy myself a Diana camera if they’ve got one. I didn’t spend any money on souvenirs during our trip to Litchfield last weekend, so I have a few dollars to spare. It’s either a new camera or a trip to the nail salon. The idea of sitting still and doing something totally frivolous for a half-hour is appealing, but I haven’t had acrylic nails in ages, and I’m thinking they’re probably not a great idea at a moment when I have a lot of typing in my immediate future, as they’re likely to slow me down for a few days until I get used to them.

I worked really hard cleaning my office, transferring files to my new hard drive, and doing some housecleaning yesterday. Maybe when I finish the big project I’m hoping to do this weekend, I’ll reward myself with fancy new nails that go click-click-click over the computer keys. 🙂


UPDATE: I couldn’t find a Diana this afternoon when I went shopping, so I just came home and ordered one from Amazon instead. I’ve been dying to try one out for ages. It probably won’t be much different from the Holga, but for $50, I think it’s worth the gamble.

One thought on “Catching my breath”

  1. I never do the fake nails, but I enjoy indulging in a trip to the nail salon every so often. There’s nothing quite like paying someone to rub lotion on my hands and feet. 🙂

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