After four days of babysitting, three days on the road, and two days of attempts to get my feet under me at work (probably an exercise in futility until school starts), I’m pretty wiped out … and my house is pretty much of a disaster … so I’m hoping to muster the energy to spend an hour or two getting the house in order a bit before I crash. I would have cleaned last night, except I had a boatload of produce in the garden that I had to chop/grate/cook/process/etc., so I spent most of the evening in the kitchen.

Goals for this evening: 
Clean hamster cage
Install new hard drive
Move photo and music files to hard drive 
Make Rock Cafe page for Ron’s blog 
Clean bathroom
Transfer and sort images from Litchfield trip
Start cleaning craft closet (no, I still haven’t gotten that done)

Hope your evening is productive.

I forgot to mention this the other day, but I completed No. 88 on my 101 Things list — we went to dinner at Lanna Thai last week. It was pretty good.


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