Ron and I went to the Will Rogers Awards banquet tonight in Litchfield, Ill. The banquet is part of the annual festival, which is a combination car show, convention, and reunion for Route 66 enthusiasts. Several awards are presented at the banquet, with the Will Rogers Award being the biggest one of the night. They are given in several categories, including historic preservation, business, lifetime achievement, and just general contributions to the road.

Ron and I were surprised and delighted when he received the Person of the Year award for his blog, and then we were even more surprised when I received the Wallis 66 award for being a noisy writer/photographer/firebrand.

A committee chose the recipients for most of the awards, but Michael Wallis got to pick the recipient of his namesake award himself.

I’ll post something more thorough, with pictures and stuff, when I get home. (It’s hard to blog from an iPod.) For more about the festival, check Ron’s blog.