Inner child

Sorry for the sporadic posts. We’ve had a lot of storms this week, so the computer has been unplugged more often than usual. My tomatoes are getting tired of the rain, but the local frog population loves it.

I’ve also been a bit busy. My inner child has a playmate this week, as I’m babysitting a friend’s 5-year-old every day except Friday. We spent a good deal of time yesterday making Shrinky-Dinks. Today, we made a lot of bead necklaces, fixed quesadillas for lunch, and spent part of the afternoon at the library, learning about spiders and making a God’s eye and a paper puppet of Little Miss Muffet and her spider.

My young friend is WAY into crafts. She is also way into princesses, so tomorrow, Her Royal Highness and I will be making a sparkly tiara and a scepter, which she will probably insist on carrying to the zoo….



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