Good dog!

So I’m drying my hair this afternoon when the doorbell rings. Scout immediately launches into an uncontrollable barking frenzy, and Jason follows her into the living room to stare at the front door, both of them ready, willing and able to get medieval in the event that Something Wicked This Way Comes.

A young guy in a uniform the color of a mailman’s is on the doorstep, so I order Scout to get back as I pad out onto the porch in my bare feet, hoping that my visitor is here to deliver my new honey extractor.

No such luck. As it turns out, Uniform Guy is selling home security systems, or something like that. (I didn’t catch all of the details.┬áIt was hard to hear, what with my dog barking loudly enough to be heard in Sapulpa.)

I manage to keep from laughing openly as I point to Scout and say: “Well, as you can see, we already have a foolproof alarm system….”