Road trip highlight 1

Rather than put up one ginormous post containing all the highlights from the past two weeks of my life, I’m just going to Photoshop a few images at a time and post them for your entertainment.

From the “wish I’d thought of that” files:

Four — count ’em, FOUR — wedding parties showed up at Ted Drewes’ Frozen Custard on their way to their receptions Saturday afternoon. If I’d known about Route 66 and Ted Drewes’ when Ron and I got married, I’d have held our entire reception at Ted’s … and probably the ceremony, too. Because, really, why settle for wedding cake when you can have a Dutchman concrete, and why settle for a church when you can have Route 66?

This beautiful Bernese mountain dog and its owner were hanging out at Ted’s while I was waiting for Kate. Somehow the dog reminded me of someone I know:

My real reason for being at Ted Drewes’ on Saturday was to meet Kate — practitioner, blogger, Folk Thursday supporter, bee admirer, and all-around great girl:

Many more highlights to come. Stay tuned….