Finished at last!

I’m still on the road (in Stroud, OK tonight) but had opportunity to see the first copy of the Oklahoma Route 66 Association Trip Guide for 2008-2009 this evening. My friend and amazing administrator, Marilyn, brought a copy to me at the Rock Cafe, where my tour group was having dinner. She needed me to look it over and give final approval before the printer sends the entire shipment of 40,000 copies.

That first peek at the finished product is always a little unnerving, as the potential exists for font problems, misaligned registration, or other unforeseen issues to muck things up after the electronic files leave my desk, and I don’t consider the project officially off my plate until I have a copy in my hands. As of tonight, it’s officially off my plate, and I must say this is the best of the four issues I’ve laid out … and I only dropped three f-bombs in the process, which is at least 50 fewer than last year. Still can’t cross it off my 101 Things list (gotta get down to zero), but I’m closer than I anticipated at this point….