I found this little critter — which I assume is a katydid nymph — resting (and probably snacking) on one of my lettuce sprouts in a hanging basket on the deck a minute ago and decided to give the macro feature on my new camera a spin.

I still wish I had a wide-angle lens for my Rebel so I could get really good shots of tiny things like this, but for a $249 camera, I thought the Fuji did a nice job. The actual image looks a bit better than this; it lost a little clarity when I optimized it for the Web.

Here’s a longer shot to give you a sense of scale. That’s my finger in the foreground; the katydid is on the sprout at the right-hand side of the frame, near the back of the pot.

I probably should have squished the katydid, as they can be quite destructive in the garden, but somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to kill such a cute little thing. Surely it won’t eat all my plants … and if it does, maybe Eric Carle will write a book about it.

I wonder if I could persuade Mom to let me repaint her barn with a mural of The Very Hungry Caterpillar?