Holga time

Since March 4, I’ve been so preoccupied with projects and challenges that I’ve quite neglected poor little Joy, my beloved Holga camera.

I finally picked her up the other day, unloaded her, and took her most recent roll in for processing. Out of 12 exposures, I had only four printable shots, but one was a perfect example of why every photographer ought to own at least one Holga:

This stone elephant stands at the entrance to the Showman’s Rest part of the city cemetery in Hugo, Okla., which is the winter home for many traveling circus performers. Pay special attention to the slightly-off-center focus (Joy’s unique “fingerprint,” if you will — no two Holga lenses are alike), the soft distortion in the background, and of course the Holga’s signature vignetting at the corners. This is the one shot in 50 that makes the other 49 worth the frustration and expense.

I’m also fond of the surreal color effects I’ve been getting out of that expired Agfa film Ron bought me last winter:

The first person who can tell me where I was standing when I shot this will get a free print of any Holga shot I’ve posted on this blog — your choice.


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