Great Stone Frog

(Photo by Ron.)

It’s not quite the Old Man of the Mountain, but if you happen to be in northeastern Oklahoma, this big stone frog west of Mannford makes a pretty good excuse for a Sunday drive and a silly photo op. (And if you’re playing along at home, that’s 55 down and 65 to go. I’ve gotta rustle up a freelancing gig to pay for some gas and motel rooms so I can devote an entire week of my recently-freed-up summer to finishing item No. 64 on my 101 Things list….)


5 thoughts on “Great Stone Frog”

  1. No new flowers to report this year? I planted this Sunday. Come by my blog to see what I planted.

  2. I put some sunflower seeds behind the back fence and am waiting to see how they do. I’ve just about quit bothering with other flowers. My garden space is too limited, and I’d rather grow sunflowers than anything else. I’ll probably fall in love with a daisy somewhere along the way, though. I’ve got hibiscus in the Lorax circle, but it’s not terribly active. Tried to get some rugosas, but the nursery wound up not getting them after all, so I’ll probably have to order online. Only one of my rose bushes really survived the ice storm. It’s blooming well, although I haven’t pruned it, so it’s sprawling all over the place. Roses are so bloody temperamental, I’ve basically dared this one to get through another summer in the Darwin Garden, where only the strong survive. If I find some rugosas, I’ll plant them nearby, and they’ll probably choke it out.

    We tossed some wildflower seeds over the fence, but they haven’t done anything yet. I should probably plant some California poppies back there, because they’re pretty and easy to grow. (Vigorous self-seeders, too.)

    Our big focus this year is the vegetable garden. I’m growing okra in containers next to the pond in hopes of creating some shade, and I’ve got beans and lettuce and spinach coming up in hanging baskets on the deck. Hopefully the beans will climb up the pergola and look pretty; they make a cute little purple blossom that looks pretty nice. I should post a garden update with some pictures soon.

  3. Your “recently freed up summer?”
    Sounds ominous.
    I remember your comment about having a “frree afternoon.” Later, you told us about leaving the Tulsa World.
    I hope there is a different meaning to this one.

  4. Poor choice of word on my part.
    Nice thought s in the link you gave and great quote by R. Bach. Very positive views of life.

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